About Us

For the past 33 years, Sure-West Engineering Consultants has specialized in permanent wood foundations.

Chief Engineer, Gary J. Gibson, P. Eng. is the country’s leading authority on the subject having spent considerable time working in all aspects of the business such as;

  • Writing codes and standards regarding the construction and installation of permanent wood foundations.
  • Writing books & other instructional materials, including the highly acclaimed book entitled, ‘Permanent Wood Foundations’.
  • Delivering 2-day comprehensive stand-up PWF training courses to contractors, building inspectors, renovators, government officials and building supply dealers throughout the country.
  • Developing a 60 – 80 hour Self-Study PWF Course for those who would prefer to learn about permanent wood foundations in the comfort of their own homes.
  • Preparing detailed blueprints, notes & specifications for those wishing to construct their own PWF.
  • Travelled over a wide area providing owners with inspections of permanent wood foundation installations to ensure correct construction procedures are being followed.
  • Acted as an expert witness in courts of law in cases involving permanent wood foundations,
  • Provided ‘train the trainer’ courses for those wishing to train others,
  • Managed a construction company specializing in the construction and installation of permanent wood foundations.

As a small, well-focused company, we have developed an expertise second-to-none in all aspects of permanent wood foundations.

Whether you are looking for professionally published books, training courses, detailed construction blueprints for your project or simply wish to learn at home, you’ve come to the right place.