Widely Accepted

The permanent wood foundation system is accepted by all the major building codes, financial institutions, mortgage corporations, warranty programs and fire insurance companies from coast to coast.


The PWF can be used as the foundation system for a wide variety of building types and configurations for both level and sloping sites.

Design flexibility of the permanent wood foundation allows for single level or multi-level dwellings and accommodates homes and apartments of virtually any exterior shape or complexity.

Schools, offices or other commercial and nonresidential buildings can also be built readily on permanent wood foundations.

The PWF system can be adapted to a variety of soil conditions, including low-bearing capacity soils or situations involving high water tables. And, because the PWF lends itself readily to major renovations, wood foundations can be expanded or altered with relatively little difficulty.

Easy to Build

The permanent wood foundation system is easy and fast to build as the construction essentially involves framing practices that are common to framed buildings. Whether the building calls for a full-height basement or for a crawlspace foundation, the permanent wood foundation system can accommodate each of them.

Ideal for the Do-It-Yourselfer

With the high cost of construction today, many people look to save in any way they can in order to lower the overall cost of their building budget. The permanent wood foundation is excellent in this regard in that the homeowners can build the foundation themselves saving further on their construction costs.

Structurally Strong

The permanent wood foundation is an engineered foundation construction system designed to absorb and distribute earth, wind, seismic loads and stresses that would frequently crack and split other types of foundations.

In addition, permanent wood foundations are very resistant to damage from cold weather and cracking due to minor soil settlements is greatly reduced. The ability of the foundation’s system to ‘give’ with minor soil settlements and other adjustments reduces greatly the maintenance required.

Long Lifespan

Having a lifespan of well over 100 years, the PWF can be used with confidence to support a wide range of building types and configurations for both level and sloping sites. Durability of the system has been amply demonstrated over the long-term by in-ground tests conducted over the past 50 years by various Federal agencies.

Resistant to Insect & Rodent Attack

The pressure treating process permanently locks the preservative chemicals into the cellular structure of the wood.

The chemicals actually bond with the cellulose of the wood, a process known as ‘fixation’, effectively eliminating the food source upon which wood destroying organisms thrive. Because it’s resistant to attack by termites, carpenter ants and rodents, the permanent wood foundation system gives you peace of mind.

Can Be Installed in Almost Any Weather

Besides being strong, easy and fast to build the permanent wood foundation system can be constructed in almost any weather conditions, at almost anytime of the year eliminating the costly delays encountered with other foundation systems.

Environmentally Friendly

It’s a little known fact that the energy used to produce treated wood products is far less than is the energy consumed in the production of masonry products. Therefore, right from the outset, wood products used in the construction and installation of permanent wood foundations are truly energy efficient.

As an added benefit, modern treated wood products exhibit little or no out-gassing into the surrounding atmosphere and little or no leaching into surrounding soils.

The PWF is a renewable resource so it doesn’t deplete the world’s non-renewable resources. The PWF has been called ‘Green technology’ at its best.


One of the beauties of the PWF system is that on very cold or rainy days, permanent wood foundation wall sections can be pre-fabricated in a shop and, when the weather clears up, transported to the jobsite for assembly.

Easy to Finish

There is no need to install a second wall around the interior of the foundation walls as there is with conventional masonry foundations. Once installed, the interior of a permanent wood foundation is very easy and economical to finish as the wall studding is already in place. The homeowner is free to chose and use any of the finishing materials that would ordinarily be used in finishing the main floor of the home.

Ideal For Remote Locations

In remote locations, permanent wood foundations can be constructed using no concrete whatsoever – an ideal situation where concrete for footings is not available or where the cost is prohibitive.

Happy Homeowners

Discover how homeowners are reaping huge benefits and advantages by using this innovative foundation system.